Getting Started with Future Skills Moodle

Future Skills Moodle is your online learning site.
This guide will show you the basics of accessing your online course materials, and learning activities.

Logging into Future Skills Moodle

Logging in from the Future Skills website.

You can log in from the main Future Skills website at by clicking the "Login" button. Student Login

Logging in from Future Skills Moodle Site

Log in directly on the Future Skills Moodle site at, enter your username, and click the "Open ID Connect" button.

If that works, a permanent solution is to use your browsers Profiles feature to keep your conflicting logins separate.

The link below is how to use Profiles in the Chrome browser.

If you still cannot login contact

If you can log in but can't find your courses, contact your tutor for help.

Editing your profile

Once you're logged into Future Skills Moodle you can update your profile.

To update your profile:

  • Click on your the portrait placeholder(at the top right-hand corner of the page)

  • Click the settings cog and then "Edit Profile"

  • Fill out your personal details and upload a photo if you have one.
  • Click the "Update Profile" button

Using Moodle forums

Moodle uses forums for communications between tutors and students. You can read posts left for the whole class and post your own comments to discussions online. Messages are organized into discussion threads that you can open and read contents of and reply to individual posts.

Forums can be used for:
  • Collaboration and social learning
  • Online class discussions
  • Organizing group activities
  • Learning support

How to start using a Moodle forum

  1. Login to Future Skills Moodle.
  2. Click your online course.
  3. Click the forum name.
  4. Discussion topics are listed from newest to oldest. Click on the discussion name you want to see.
  5. Click on "Reply" on a post/comment you wish to reply to and type in the box that appears.
  6. Click the "Submit" button when you're happy with what you've written.
Remember to be polite and kind to other participants.